VIDEO: Fishing Piranhas for Breakfast in the Biggest Lake in Suriname | Stone Island, Suriname

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Within the interior of the country, I woke up bright and early the next day at Stone Island, deep Following my day at Brownsweg, Suriname. Come along with me as I start by going into town to get some food and go fishing for piranhas in Suriname. Connect me and my manual as we venture out into the country’s biggest lake to catch a breakfast!

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My day began at Stone Island’s reservoir, that was formed by a dam in 1964. The area was a valley that was forested, but today the indication of that valley are the tops of trees that rise up out of the water! After getting some shots of the lake along with my dad, my friend and guide Imro from Jenny Tours and I headed to town to catch some breakfast.

Suriname is a big mix including African, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Dutch, and also the native men and women. It is an eclectic mix that you can not get anywhere else!

The Stone Island Resort was situated about 10 minutes. I couldn’t wait to view it. We had to stick to a dirt road to get there. It is a city with restaurants, huts, and homes. We stopped at a supermarket to find out whether they had any buns or wontons.

They had chicken, fish, also approximately 3 different types of empanadas. Empanadas are. I have one with shrimp, you with chicken, and yet another with cheese. The chicken one reminded me of a churro. It was a lot softer than the Cuban empanadas I eat straight home in Miami and had some tastes that are Chinese.

The shrimp empanada was more deep-fried flaky, and thinner. The prawns interior were little and there weren’t that lots of these , but it was amazing! I adored pepper and the spices. The cheese empanada was thicker and the greatest of all of them. It was essentially cheese bread. It was a fine, white cheese. I dipped it in my coffee to make it better. The coffee was the best part!

Imro bought iced coffee some bread, and Nutella . I suggest buying chocolate there! I got a coconut drink, which was similar to coconut. It had been just like a mix of coconut flesh and coconut milk and was super refreshing! Then Imro bought so we could fish for piranha some pins!

We drove back into Stone Island.

The scene and roads reminded me in which I spent 22 times in 2013 back with my spouse. We stopped to find some hand monkeys from the trees. They enjoy 40 ft up and have been deep!

Back at the lake, we all went outside on a metallic pier. Imro cut a frozen chicken to use as bait up. He grabbed a large piranha ! Its teeth were visible and I can see why piranhas in Suriname are feared. I grabbed one that was! Imro cleaned it and we took it into kitchen and the dining hall to be fried!

There were heaps of bones inside! I waited patiently for it to cool down. The flesh was good although gamy. The skin was dumb and I had to be careful eating it. I almost threw up. The bones are the one thing I despise about consuming fish. When ingesting it, you need to be super careful.

The meat was excellent! There were no bones between the spines, so it was simple to eat the flesh. I was glad there was lots of meat! We went to the head. Imro advised me to go to the lips along with the brains. The cheek was excellent. It was like fish’s meat!

We headed out to go to Howler Monkey Island!

Searching for wildlife is always hit or miss, but the monkeys are definitely on the island. Before we entered a duck and chicken farm I found a lizard. There is also a big tortoise there. I’d never seen one that large before. Regrettably tortoises are compromised. After observing him for a while, Imro and I took a boat journey!

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