Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Our celebrity travel enthusiast is founder of The Points Guy, Brian Kelly this week. In this interview he shares how his love of traveling got started, information on how most of us can use reward journey, and hints on what to do in his city.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

How did your passion for traveling get started?

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How often do you travel?

What do you want others to know from you?

My enthusiasm for traveling started as a kid. I was always a teenager. I began an business when eBay initial started. I flipped my by reserving travel for family members. I figured out just how to work it when Travelocity started from the 1990s. I started charging my dad. That is when I started to become involved with frequent flyer miles and refining these systems, After we realized how many things he had gathered.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Name the top 3 destinations you have traveled to utilizing points.

I like to diversity in which I move. I also love cities, although I adore the shore, Scuba diving. I like to mix up this and go new places. I typically go a domestic trip per month and somewhere a month — roughly a international trip per quarter, however I don’t have any rules really. Whatever comes up composed and that I like to go with the flow…

Give us the Top 5 listing for one of these destinations.

I enjoy hearing from my readers. Basically I want others to learn how to maximize their life. It is the basic things: to be about your charge cards, more intelligent about the airlines you fly, and averting charges. I have the best job on the planet because I teach individuals how to save money and travel more. For me there is nothing more rewarding than hearing from people saying the hints they heard from my site have helped trips are taken by them. I enjoy educating my readers to overcome what others do recognize and enabling them to exploit their spend.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Your traveling picture?

I like using my things to go to destinations because those are the flights. Like Asia isn’t an option, I’m six-foot seven so honestly going in coach to somewhere. My top 3 destinations with factors include Japan, which I have traveled to twice on Japan Airlines initial course. I adore South Africa, which I believe is my preferred destination for wine, outside, along with safari. Cape Town is also to get a flight is and like a capital on the water, so you have go to do it. And the Maldives because I am the diving as well as a Scuba diver is extraordinary! Those are my favourite destinations utilizing points on business or first class.

Your beloved U.S. airline?

Tokyo is on my mind since I was there recently.

Global airline?

I don’t watch films therefore that I take documentaries with me to see but I really like to Scuba. I like National Geographic shark documentaries. They get me motivated to journey. I’m a shark geek and proud of it!

Favorite International Airport?

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

I am. American Airlines is top notch. They’re not perfect but I believe American gets the very best frequent flyer program and they handle passengers pretty well. Delta is a fast second. Since their frequent flyer program is unfriendly in comparison to 22, the reason they are not at the top area is.

Favorite Airport Lounge?

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Cathay Pacific is incredible. Cathay Pacific is an excellent airline: service, excellent food, although in awards, the Singapore Airways is better with respect to support.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Best and airline loyalty programs?

I really like Madrid [Barajas] Airport because I love Spain and the layout is truly cool. I like how simple it is to get from the train or cab to the core of the city from that point. I hate when airports are much in the city.

Longest you’ve traveled with only things?

My lounges that are new are the American Express Centurion Lounges, which came around when the ability to go into American Airline lounges was dropped by American Express Platinum holders. American Express subsequently made their own high-end lounges. There are four at the U.S. with one in Miami opening up in 2015. The only one in Dallas has craft beer, good cocktails, and you can get a massage there. These lounges are $50 if you are an American Express cardholder, or free when you have a Centurion card or an Amex Platinum Card and top notch. The majority of lounges will charge you the same and provide you far less.

City using the friendliest folks?

There are quite simple programs to use just such as Southwest Rewards, however you can not leverage them for first class flights to places such as South Africa. Among my favourite programs is U.S. Airways Dividend Miles. The website is awful so you have to call to reserve with benefits, but their frequent flyer miles are the most valuable out there in the event that you know how to use them. There are a whole good deal of techniques mileage specialists like myself can use that program. Unfortunately it is going away from the next quarter of 2015 therefore in the event you own U.S. Airways miles use them today before they automatically become American Edge miles.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Your favorite travel companion?

My least favorite would be Spirit Airlines: the miles perish. Since they make many changes to their program every 14, delta is.

Kindle, Nook, or Even i-Pad?

Since I have my dog Miles (named after air miles off, not Miles David), I do not like to depart a long time. I typically like to travel at one time for two to three weeks. I did an visit to Bali, Tokyo and London. It was that’s pretty much my limit and 20 times.

Very best time to kill time while traveling?

Madrid is among my favourite cities, although I may be biased. I studied Spanish at college and so I am in a position to communicate. I feel as though every night that I make new pals and meet with new people, go out. Madrid takes the cake, although most cities around the world are friendly.

What are some points deals that individuals could make the most of today?

My partner is really a fashion photographer. Traveling with him is a blast because he’s my very best friend and he’s also an awesome photographer. Come back to experience it all again and it is really awesome to return after researching a location. It’s really enjoyable.

Most exotic put your career has taken you?


I’m an Plus power man and I also take my Macbook Air, which goes with me.

Your very best piece?

I’m in my i-Phone 6 Plus much a lot more than I ought to be. I really like to use it in order to look at my medias. I use Instagram a lot so I am constantly refreshing to find photographs or uploading a picture of the first-class seat I am sitting in or the macadamia nuts (God forbid in a bag)! Social networking is an easy way.

What are four things?

The simplest approach to rack up points today rather than flying is to make sure you have good credit to get approved for cards that provide the best deals. For getting the Platinum Card american Express launched supplies of 100,000 factors. Even though it has a $ 450 fee, you will get a ton of perks including access to free entrance that is worldwide and the Centurion lounges. [The thing that is important ] will be to do the math. Even if there’s absolutely not any annual fee, these cards come with signup bonuses. We often get overwhelmed by choices, which explains The Points Guy website has the’Deals’ Interface where we undergo each one of the top credit card offers and which make sense for all kinds of travelers. Know your benefits if you learn how to use them, since they can save you tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

What’s your dream destination?

I felt the most”hauled” from the Seychelles. It is a beautiful granite outcrop in the Indian Ocean. Unlike the Maldives, the Seychelles doesn’t feel so confined the island of Mahé. It is stunning and so much the most glorious places I’ve been. I really like places where I can immerse and not have to be stuck at an resort each day paying $20 to get a cocktaillounge.

My traveling quotation?

First step would be to admit your own failures. A great deal of individuals become overwhelmed and think that they are too late on the match. You aren’t late to the match. There are so many ways to make miles these days like shopping online. This assists you to get up to 10 miles per dollar you spend. There are also. Simply by eating at restaurants that are certain you can make miles. It is really just a matter of signing up to these programs. For my website has a beginner’s manual section in which people can acquire instructions to begin. We have over 5,000 blog posts with thorough analyses of every frequent flyer application and charge cards. Google also offers a great deal of content, you have to search and do the job.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Where to next?

-Bose noise cancelling headphones

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

-Macbook Air

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

-Passport (even when I fly domestic just in case)

-At least $150 Money, because there is no Better feeling than If your Charge cards don’t work

I’m into a Few the surrounding atolls along with Scuba the South Pacific somewhere like Bora Bora.

“For me, living and traveling will be the same. How you travel is a sign of your lifetime.”

-Diane von Furstenberg

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

It is not a holiday While I travel. It’s my life. It is always business and fun.

My destination is Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

I managed to work with my things to book five nights at the St. Regis, and it’s normally $200 each night.

“The most important thing to know about benefits traveling is that it’s can be used for every kind of trip, whether it is a family holiday or a trip around the world. You can make them work for you. You simply have to be smart. It definitely pays off in the long run.”

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

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This interview was taped in January 2015 at the Thompson Hotel in Miami Beach.

Some of the answeres of Brian were paraphrased for this informative article.