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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Paris, France

Located along the River Seine in France is the Nation’s capital, Paris. As a centre for culture there are things. The Eiffel Tower Check out Five Things to Do in Paris This Summer The region was occupied from the Parisii sub-tribe from the 3rd century and later defeated by the Romans. With so much history, ….  Read More

VIDEO: Los Angeles

Los Angeles! I traveled to Los Angeles, California! With my DJI Mavic Pro drone their I captured some aerial drone footage during my five times! I flew my drone Throughout the Hollywood and in Irvine. With my DJI mavic specialist I coated all from the north to south LA. I always travel with the DJI ….  Read More

VIDEO: Things to See and Do in Pothia, Kalymnos

David’s Been This presents the island of Kalymnos’ capital city of Pothia with a video. Tour throughout the culture, history, tastes and sites of the port town, as David brings about you to all the spots. Called the island of divers, you can roam the markets where vendors sell these natural dyes, or even go ….  Read More

VIDEO: A Night Out at the Club in Madrid, Spain: Pacha

If youare currently searching for an unforgettable night on the town and’re visiting Madrid, you’re in luck. Spain’s capital city is still home – not the club but arguably one of the most famous clubs in the world. Why? Join David discover for yourself and for an evening out. Between the music, lights, crowd and ….  Read More

VIDEO: Traveling into Swaziland Using Airlink Airlines

David’s Been This presents the Kingdom of Swaziland of Africa with a special trip. David’s 50th country visited, he heads east from Johannesburg about the airline which brings you to Swaziland: Airlink. Linking with 30 destinations as well, this small airline makes your trip to Swaziland possible in a ride. Go see the Mbuluzi Wildlife ….  Read More

VIDEO: Leading Wedges in Cuenca, Ecuador

David’s Been Here is at Ecuador’s city of Cuenca, in search of bars and all of the region’s finest nightlife. Here David introduces a video into the Riho Bar- a chic lounge with some tasty food and drinks that are delicious. Head to the bar for a excellent night out from Cuenca, if you’re looking ….  Read More

How to Drive Visitors

It is directing and generating visitors to their webpage; if there’s one item online that causes bloggers a problem. Since they won’t even know it’s there launching yourself blindly into the world of Travel blogging will only result in a blog no-one will read! How can we find out about new opportunities? Sharing and advertising. ….  Read More

VIDEO: Conventional Meals in Sevilla, Spain: Eating in La Alicantina

David’s Been Here is touring the Andalusian town of Sevilla, in search of all of the local foods. Sitting down at Restaurant La Alicantina, David tries out a few plates served up in Sevilla. Open as 1922, the whole menu of this conventional restaurant is yummy, however go for you (or most ) of their ….  Read More