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VIDEO: Where to Eat in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul boasts countless restaurants. During David’s trip he had the chance to dine at several of these that supplied a sampling of Turkish cuisine from various regions. He attempted, here’s the very best of where to eat in Istanbul, Turkey. Here are 5 of his favorite restaurants: First restaurant is Albura Kathisma. David gets seated ….  Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need to Traveling With An Affair On

Traveling by airplane is expensive nowadays, and it’s only getting worse. Airlines today are currently incorporating fees without paying for it, and you can require a bag. 1. It is Cheaper And of course luggage security is an issue, assessing your bag removes it in the point of sight, allowing anyone to start it and ….  Read More

40 Roman Ruins in Rome, Italy

Any trip of Rome begins with its fabulous Roman ruins. After all, Rome is characterized by its ancient past and the traces of one of the civilizations which have lived. While some are included in passes and cards A number are free to visit. You should not miss admiring these, because when in Rome…ruins are ….  Read More

VIDEO: Things

Things to see and do in Belgrade, in this event, David’s first stop is Kalemagdan Fortress that consist around the confluence of the Sava River and the Danube River. The assembly of the Sava river into the Danube is one of the most amazing natural lookouts from the funding. The positioning of this fortress is right next to ….  Read More

Top 5 Best Things

Do women and men really observe the world?  As soon as they visit this paradise on Earth if they do, the romance of the Amalfi Coast is not to be dropped on either sex. Capri It is funny but if David invited me to write a post here about things to do in southern Italy, ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Best of Athens, Greece

There’s no destination. Built upon 7,000 decades of civilization and history, filled with ancient artifacts, structures & monuments and minding its own charms as well, this buzzing international metropolis is one of the planet’s must visit destinations. Combine David’s Been Here as they see a number of the top rated historical and modern attractions in ….  Read More

VIDEO: Day Trip into the Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys

We’re planning to go meet with some animals down in the Florida keys at the Sea Turtle Hospital in Marathon Key Now. This is a non for profit that rescues, rehabilitates and releases back sea turtles to the wild. We’re likely to get lunch at one of my favorite fish restaurants in Key Largo, the ….  Read More

15 Things to Watch in Petra

Petra is a historical city, carved from the mountains in.  Dubbed the Rose-Red City for the color of the surrounding sand rock rocks, Petra was originally built in the 6th century BC as a capital city for the Nabataean men and women. They created oasis and a complex water management system to fuel this desert ….  Read More