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VIDEO: Within the Majete Wildlife Reserve Using @RobinPopeSafari

David’s Been This is at safaris which can be found inside and Malawi, Africa’s Majete Wildlife Reserve, touring both the accommodation. Alongside Robin Pope Safaris, David tours the Mkulumadzi Luxury Safari Lodge which includes two family chalets 8 rooms and space that could fit up to 20 guests. Catch a glimpse within this luxury lodge ….  Read More

VIDEO: Where to Stay in Edirne, Turkey: Modern Edirne Palace Hotel & The Chic

David’s Been This is in Edirne, Turkey searching out of the stays and finest accommodation choices. David presents his spot within this historic city, the Edirne Palace Hotel. Located in the core of the picturesque city centre of Edirne, this hotel offers 35 rooms of many makes and sizes, together with close proximity to of the best sites ….  Read More

VIDEO: Quito’s Need To Do Activities: Running the TeleferiQo

David’s Been Here is currently in the capital of Quito, where crew and David embark on one of the most popular rides/attractions: the TeleferiQo of their city of Ecuador. Have a ride 4,100 meters up as these cable cars give you the absolute best views across the town below. Take the ride as you get ….  Read More

3 Affordable Tactics to Safeguard London’s Food Culture

London is a city that is gastronomic. The majority of the planet’s greatest chefs have a restaurant or two in town. As you are likely aware, London is a place. Here on David’s Been Below we made a list of 10 ways students can experience London on a budget. Food Markets Set Lunch Menus In ….  Read More

The Best Roman Ruins in Galicia, Spain

Galicia is a region in northwestern Spain known for its coastline, tasty white wines and outstanding living history…but it is also home to a number of Spain’s best historical wonders. Below are the very best Roman ruins in Galicia, Spain. To Find out More about Galicia, check out our post about the Top Reasons to Visit ….  Read More

Reasons You Should Visit Yosemite National Park

2016 was the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, making it celebrated by starting a major effort to increase support and present a brand new, more diverse generation of millennials and kids to”America’s best idea,” the federal parks. About Yosemite National Park Hiking Opportunities As a means to show solidarity with this effort that ….  Read More

VIDEO Things to See and Do in Ruse, Bulgaria

David’s Been This is touring all the best things to see and do at the Bulgarian city of Ruse. Situated along the picturesque Danube River, this historical city was established at the 1st century A.D. by the Romans and is home to some great culture, history and architecture. With over 300 historic buildings in the city, ….  Read More

The most popular Floating Market near Bangkok

Amphawa Floating Market, in the Amphawa District of Samut Songkhram Province, is the most popular floating market in Thailand. More conventionally, It is near Bangkok with convenient transportation. It is an easy distance from Bangkok for a day trip, weekend or overnight stay. It’s in a lovely part of Thailand, Samut Songkhram and this area ….  Read More

100 Beautiful Instagram Images of Bulgaria

If you think about Bulgaria that which springs to mind? Traveling via Bulgaria might not seem as the quintissential European vacation, and it isn’t. But as I found out this past year, the nation holds scrumptious gastronomy, an incredible history, and natural attractiveness. I visited big cities, researched UNESCO World Heritage sites delicious wines and homemade rakia, ….  Read More

VIDEO: Many Popular Craft Breer at Greece

Santorini, Greece is famous globally because of their wine that was excellent, but if you head in the Kamari Beach region, you’ll get another of their up and designs: beer. Combine David’s Been Here in the Donkey Brewery, where neighborhood Santorini Brewing Company is creating one of Greece’s top new brews. Opened in 2011, this ….  Read More