VIDEO: Little Haiti’s First Craft Brewery

I recently visited with Bousa Brewing at Little Haiti, here will be the production craft brewery in the area. Kayla the first at South Florida. Kayla gave me a tour of this production centre, then we tried 10 of their beers. My favorites would be the Roasted Brown Ale, the Winter Ale and the Stout! ….  Read More

VIDEO: the Castle of Bosnia, Srebrenik Fortress

David’s Been This is travel in hunt of the country’s finest attractions , coolest destinations and must-visit websites via Bosnia and Herzegovina. To the Srebrenik Fortress, David takes us on a road trip outside the city of Tuzla in this short clip. The best-preserved medieval fortress in the nation (and arguably one of the largest ….  Read More

The Finest Gear for Travel Vloggers

To tell you a little about the Equipment for Traveling vloggers, here is a little bit of information about me: I have been a vlogging (video blogging) in the start, but I have recently been blogging on my site. Creating videos is my enthusiasm and so my equipment is my top concern. At the moment ….  Read More

All Weather Backpack by Victorinox

I flew to Finland and Latvia, but once I left I was looking for an all weather backpack that could withstand the subzero temperatures I would have to brave.  I typically travel with a backpack for my notebook and camera equipment. In addition, it’s just easier to move around airports with a backpack and a little carry-on. ….  Read More

Swaziland’s Best Four Safari Parks

The parks and nature reserves in Swaziland are also home to an impressive selection of animals. Visitors will be able to see bird species that are intriguing, several species of grazers, reptiles and the Big Five. Why is Swaziland distinct from safari park destinations is the chance for much more intimate wildlife adventures and freedom ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

In the Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A I interview my buddy and fellow traveler of today Brian Cox AKA The Travel Vlogger. Brian produces and hosts some movies using his DSLR and Drone. He is vlogged in Colombia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Turkey, the Canary Islands and past. See how he plans to inspire us one video at one ….  Read More

VIDEO: Classic and Fusion Cuban Food Tour in Miami

The Supreme Classic and Fusion Cuban Food Tour in Miami! For the past 30 years the Andrade Family has been serving delicious cuban cuisine in the Islas Canarias Restaurant. By fusing it with Korean and Peruvian flavors in Amelia’s 1931 and Faucet and Finka Table now Eileen Andrade, Jonathan and the second creation are altering ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addict: The Points Guy, Brian Kelly

Our celebrity travel enthusiast is founder of The Points Guy, Brian Kelly this week. In this interview he shares how his love of traveling got started, information on how most of us can use reward journey, and hints on what to do in his city. How did your passion for traveling get started? To see the ….  Read More

5 Reasons Why a Nile River Cruise is For You

Everybody knows that the Nile River is longest river on earth. Rising south of the Equator and flowing north by Egypt to drain into the Mediterranean Sea. The Pyramids The Egyptian Museum of cairo It’s a span of milesper hour But were you aware that the Nile River is turning into a go-to destination for today’s discerning tourist? Luxor ….  Read More