VIDEO: Boston Boston, Massachusetts 4K Aerial Drone Footage

Boston, Massachusetts 4K Aerial Drone Footage! Six weeks ago I traveled to Boston (my 2nd trip ) for a movie job with Case for Change. Throughout my three times some aerial drone footage was captured by their me with my DJI Mavic Pro drone! I flew my drone Across the Central Business District and at ….  Read More

VIDEO: Visiting Deultum’s Ancient Roman Ruins

David’s Been This is touring all of the top sites and primary attractions in and around the Bulgarian city of Burgas. David requires us 17 miles away from the city in which the early Roman Ruins of Deultum are located. House to the Temple of the Imperial Cult (devoted to Asclepius- the god of health/medicine) ….  Read More

VIDEO: Eating and Cooking Moroccan Cuisine at Riad Tanja

David’s Been Here is at Tangier, Morocco, vacationing around dining choices and most of of the entertainment of the city. In this video, David brings us a Moroccan restaurant, into Riad Tanja. Situated inside a traditional Moroccan house (known as a Riad), you can eat and also find out how to prepare real antiques fare ….  Read More

VIDEO: Visiting Costa Rica’s Tortuguero Town: Crafts Arts and Beaches

David’s Been This is currently touring Around Costa Rica’s Tortuguero. This David visits the true town (or even pueblo) of all Tortuguero, to receive the true local feel of the region. Filled with bars, restaurants, arts/crafts along with the beach, you’ll be able to find lots of strategies to keep yourself busy here. With plenty ….  Read More

VIDEO: Particular Holiday Traditions from Around the World

Check out some holiday traditions from all over the world brought to you by my friends at Skype. Christmas is a special time for the loved ones and as a traveler, I am always curious about customs from different nations. A number of my friends from all over the entire world wanted to discuss their ….  Read More

VIDEO: Running Safaris in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

Looking for the medium of Comfort and wildlife ? Combine David’s Been Here as they encounter Africa of Kruger National Park on Foot from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve just out. A 5-room remain, this boutique hotel pub could accommodate up to 14 people with some outstanding living quarters and unbelievable daily trips. In the ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tommy Lei from My Belonging

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we chat with lifestyle and fashion blogger Tommy Lei from My Belonging. Discover how this Hong Kongese turned a passion and has become one the ideal styletelling globetrotters in the business! From Mexico to Denmark into LA, find out what exactly are his favourite locations and where he’s headed next! Bio ….  Read More

13 Things to Do in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain lies in the base of this Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalucía, and it is a region with sprawling hillsides and miles of olive groves. Through its history, Granada has turned into a city for its location near the Mediterranean Sea and its own sources of running water- . Here are the best things ….  Read More

VIDEO: Southern Seafood & Blues Music in Jackson, Mississippi

This Movie is in partnership with BLUES MUSIC Tour Visit Jackson MS. Southern SEAFOOD & in Jackson, Mississippi the City with Spirit! During my very first day in Jackson, Mississippi, I experience some of the best Seafood and heard music songs. I arrived in time for supper. I ate Duck Sausage a Fried Catfish and ….  Read More

A Relaxing Beach Holiday in Malta

A number of them become overcrowded and stressful, although the Mediterranean is home to many vacation resorts. Malta holidays are the the perfect travel alternatives for travelers that wish rejuvenate themselves and to break free from the stress of job. This small country is the ideal spot to have a fresh break and lies off ….  Read More