VIDEO: Exploring the Colossal Medieval Fortress of Smederevo

David’s Been Here is traveling in bookmarking websites of the nation and search of the greatest destinations through Serbia. Into the Medieval Fortress of Smederevo, David attracts us in this travel clip. Completed in 1439, this palace and walled-in town is among Europe’s biggest flat-ground fortresses, spanning a place of nearly 10.5 acres. After the ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Top Websites of Northern Poland: Touring the Malbork Castle

David’s Been Here is in Malbork, Poland, researching among the most crucial and historic sites of those area: ” The Malbork Castle. As they explore one of the Gothic brick castles in the 23, an hour beyond Gda?sk, combine crew and David. Together with tombs of Grand Experts dating back to a chapel that is ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Best Burgos Restaurant with a View: Meson del Cid Restaurant

David’s Been Here is traveling the Castilla y Leon city of Burgos, in search of all of the best meals and restaurants in the region. Here David introduces a short video. Family owned and operated since 1961, this traditional restaurant is located in a 15th century building that once acted as a printing press. Known ….  Read More

VIDEO: Historic Monuments of Basel, Switzerland: Spalentor

David’s Been This is in Basel, Switzerland touring monuments and the city’s major websites. This David gifts Spalentor, among those three remaining gates into the city. Spalentor was assembled back in 1398, once the whole town was murdered in. From the 1900’s the walls have been ruined to expand the town; the gates that were ….  Read More

VIDEO: Nyika National Park Safaris: An Unforgettable Stay in Chelinda Lodge

David’s Been Here brings you to Malawi, Africa’s Nyika National Park. Based in Wilderness Safari’s Chelinda Lodge, you may delight in excitement and the pure beauty of this Nyika Grasslands well taken care of in this luxury accommodation and while remaining comfortable. Considering all the modern conveniences of a luxury stay (lovely living quarters, fireplace, ….  Read More

VIDEO: Touring the Capital of Northern Malawi: Mzuzu’s Taifa Market

Combine David’s Been Here as it travels throughout cities the national parks, and local sites of Malawi, Africa. This David heads in Nyika National Park to the beautiful Lake Malawi on the four and a half hour drive. Stopping off in the northern capital of Mzuzu, David introduces a video of the main Taifa Market ….  Read More

Minispresso Travel Capsules

We most certainty All completely love traveling over anything. It is unquestionably one of the most world’s greatest joys that people long for and wait for all year long. There are very few things that may beat on a family experience in a new and fascinating destination. However, coffee, another among the world simple pleasures ….  Read More

VIDEO: Scrumptious Indian Street Food Tour in Varanasi + Sarnath

During my final day in Varanasi we went in an tour trying all of the renowned dishes of Varanasi. We began the day by seeing one of the ghats for sunrise. It was calm and spiritual experience, a must once in Varanasi. Our first stop in our Indian Food Tour has been Malai. This is ….  Read More