VIDEO: Conventional Meals in Sevilla, Spain: Eating in La Alicantina

David’s Been Here is touring the Andalusian town of Sevilla, in search of all of the local foods. Sitting down at Restaurant La Alicantina, David tries out a few plates served up in Sevilla. Open as 1922, the whole menu of this conventional restaurant is yummy, however go for you (or most ) of their three famous dishes: fish salad, grilled mushrooms and also the over 20 types of rice. With friendly team and patio seating, a meal at La Alicantina is essential for anybody looking for experience and a local taste from Sevilla. For more information on eating at La Alicantina and most of Sevilla restaurants, take a look at the David’s Been Here Guide to Andalusia, currently available for your own Kindle too.