35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Delhi, India is famous as also a huge metropolis that’s home to over 11 million people and a tourist destination. But Delhi is a Mecca for meals fans and I know why it is considered one of the best food cities in the entire world, after spending four days eating my way through town in February of 2018. These will be!

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a yummy dish made from mashed potatoes that are filled with lentils, cottage cheese, and green beans before they’re deep-fried in ghee (a clarified butter that’s popular in Indian cuisine). Out the potatoes are turned by the deep-frying procedure into a fritter that’s a must-have in Delhi!

Matar Samosa

Matar samosa is a savory, deep-fried Indian pastry that can be similar to a fried wonton, and contains green beans, mashed potatoes, and other vegetables. The filling is still steaming hot, although they are totally delicious, and therefore don’t burn yourself!


A popular candy you can find on the roads of Delhi is jalebi, a dough that is formed in a circular pattern, topped with a sugary glaze, and served with a thick, milky sauce. That is what makes it so excellent , although it is packed with sugar and incredibly fatty!


Kababs is the collective term for various meat dishes from the Middle East that are now popular around the world. A number of Delhi kababs can be located at Qureshi Kabab Corner, in which they provide mutton minced poultry, and buffalo varieties that are tender, rich in spices and full of flavor.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Daulat Ki Chaat

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35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Khameeri Roti

Dualat Ki Chaat is a localized and seasonal dish that may be found throughout the wintertime in Old Delhi, although it has different names in different cities. It is composed of powdered sugar, whipping cream , and pistachios, and it’s a dessert that is quite yummy!

Chicken Haleem

Khameeri Roti is a soft, yeasted Mughlai flatbread that is consumed as a snack and served with different dishes. I highly recommend trying it at Al-Jawahar Restaurant along with Matar Paneer, Mutton Korma, and their Chicken Haleem.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Mutton Korma

Chicken Haleem is really a Mughlai dish made from poultry, that I had at Al-Jawahar Restaurant. The poultry is cooked using garam masala, barley, lentils, wheat, mint, cumin, ginger, and coriander. It is a little spicy and the procedure gives the dish a nice, paste-like sense that matches well with the Khameeri Roti.

Matar Paneer

Mutton Korma is a fatty and intensely tasty Mughlai goat curry that I ate at Al-Jawahar Restaurant which consisted of Chicken Haleem Khameeri Roti, also Matar Paneer as part of a meal. The sauce is rich and yummy and the goat meat is so tender that it falls right off the bone.

Fried Chicken

Matar Paneer is a North Indian dish that consists of paneer (a non-melting cottage cheese) that can be served in a delicious and greasy tomato-based sauce that also includes green peas and garam masala. I had it at Al-Jawahar Restaurant alongside Mutton Korma, Chicken Haleem, also Khameeri Roti.

Butter Chicken

The fried chicken store in Delhi, In Mohd Hussain, you are going to find the finest fried chicken, that is fresh and wrapped with chickpea flour, eggs, and spices of the city. It is served scorching hot and can be a number.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India


Butter chicken is a very popular dish that’s typically made with a tomato-based sauce, however, the berries are skipped by the butter chicken at Aslam Chicken Corner and functions their roasted chicken in a rich, flavorful butter. You may not be thanked by your waistline subsequently, however, your taste buds certainly will!

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India


Biryani is a blended rice dish that is made up of layer of rice at the ground; a coating of meat (poultry, lamb, goat, fish, prawns, Steak, or even beef), vegetables, egg, or paneer at the middle; and the other layer of rice at the top. The dish also contains an excellent gravy that’s packed!

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India


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35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Malai Kofta

Kheer is a rich and creamy rice pudding that’s made out of a sugar and milk base and includes broken pasta, tapioca, either rice germ, or vermicelli noodles. It may be flavored with pistachios, raisins, saffron, cardamom, and more. A nuttiness that took this dish was added by the pistachios in mine!


Besani is a flatbread made that it is possible to see at Sakahari Restaurant. It’s thin and crispy like a cracker, and will be perfect with Malai Kofta.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India


Malai Kofta is a creamy dish that consists of fried dumpling balls made within white sauce or a creamy orange. I tried this dish. Without question, it is.

Bedmi Poori

Kulfi is a popular frozen dessert that’s often known as”traditional Indian ice cream.” This cross between sorbet and ice cream comes in several flavors including saffron, cardamom, pistachio, lychee, mango, improved, and pomegranate at Kuremal Mahavir Prasad Kulfiwale, that has been open since 1906!

Aloo Sabzi

No listing of the 35 road food dishes you must attempt in Delhi, India is complete without Chai turning up the heat, and then including ginger and tea. The end result is a boiling tea that’s particular and tasty to India!

Nagori Halwa

Bedmi Poori is a hollow and fried flatbread that’s often consumed with Aloo Sabzi. This breakfast bread is made from a dough of masala, lentils, and wheat. Aloo Sabzi bedmi Poori, and the candy Nagori Halwa are often eaten.

Lotan Ji Chole Kulche

Aloo Sabzi is a light curry tomato paste, and a mixture of spices that pairs well with Indian flatbreads such as rotis, parathas and pooris. It is packed with touch flavors and is stunning when consumed with Bedmi Poori.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Mutton Paaya

Nagori Halwa is a candy Indian dish that consists of nagori (a little, crispy puri made from semolina and ghee) and also suji halwa (a thick, tender porridge made from semolina, sugar, and peppers, and ghee). The two are consumed and often paired for an extreme combination.

Mutton Nihari

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Goat Curry

Another Delhi basic is Lotal Ji Chole Kulche, a dish consisting of chickpeas (chole), a soft and fluffy flatbread (kulche), onions, potatoes, berries, aamchur-chutney, garam masala, plus more. The ingredients create a spicy and buttery mix that’s bursting with flavors that can not be beat!


Mutton Paaya is a meaty, goat leg curry that’s often served with idiyappam (rice noodles), aappam (a fermented corn and coconut pancake), and also even a dosa (a thin, crispy pancake made out of fermented rice and lentil batter). This tender, tasty, and delicacy can be eaten for breakfast and is without question one of those 35 street food dishes you must attempt in Delhi, India.

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Lachcha Paratha

Mutton Nihari is a Indian stew made of slow-cooked lamb or goat shanks and bone marrow that originated in either Old Delhi or Hyderabad in the late 18th century. This tasty dish is traditionally known for its flavors and is considered as a delicacy and is famous amongst Muslims at Delhi.


Indian goat curry is a dish that’s cooked in a spicy gravy that contains green chilies, garlic, ginger, garam masala, and more also includes many variations. The process tenderizes the meat . It is one!

Buffalo Biryani

India is famous because of its many varieties of flatbread, which include sheermal, a traditional, mildly sweet naan. This dish, originally from the city of Lucknow, also contains hot milk, sugar, and cardamom.

Chole Bhature

Another Indian flatbread, Lachcha Paratha is really a soft flatbread that’s made using a 1:1 ration of wheat plus peppermint flour. The paratha may be consumed with various dishes and curries and is garnished with butter. Its diversity alone makes it one of those 35 road food dishes you must attempt in Delhi, India!

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Coconut Burfi

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Sev Badam Burfi

Rabri is a wealthy, dairy dessert that’s produced by thickening milk till it turns pinkish in color. Nuts, spices, and sugar will be added into the milk mix, which is then served chilled and makes for a treat under the hot Indian sun!

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Karachi Halwa

The buffalo biryani are being tried by Among the finest culinary adventures you’ll have in Delhi at Mohd Tofiq, a stall located in the city backstreets. Buffalo meat that is fatty, juicy, and the tender, together with spices the rice, and gravy, creates a mix of flavors that will have you addicted from the first bite.


Chole Bhature is a chickpea-based Punjabi dish that’s essentially a combination of chana masala (spicy white chickpeas) and also bhatura (a bread produced from maida, a soft wheat flour). It can contain vegetables, green chutney, and onions. I recommend having it!


Along with curries and flatbreads, India is famous for its sweets, which include Coconut Burfi, also a cure that is made during Navrati festivals, also the Holi, Diwali. Although there are dairy-free types out there, this burfi contains freshly grated coconut and is traditionally made out of sugar and milk.

Fire Paan

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Sev Badam Burfi is just another traditional Indian sweet made from a mixture of milk, water, and sugar that’s brought to a boil. This sweet, nutty treat also contains sev (crunchy chickpea noodles), a milk product called mawa, nuts, and more. When the mixture thickens and cools, it served and is cut into small pubs.

Another Indian candy that can be located on the roads of Delhi is Karachi Halwa, a chewytreat made out of ghee, corn flour, sugar, and chopped pistachios and cashews. The mix poured into a bowl, is cooked, and cut after it cools and thickens. This candy is remarkably popular throughout Diwali!

35 Street Food Dishes You Try in Delhi, India

Gujiya is a deep-fried pastry or dumpling that’s made out of maida or semolina and filled with a mixture of sterile mawa and dried fruit.

Lassi is. It is essential when trying Indian street food, as most local dishes have as you eat a heat that gradually builds. The casein (milk protein) in the lassi counteracts the spice and helps cool down your mouth, so it is both flavorful and practical!

Fire Paan is a variant of the road food dish wrapped in a leaf, and even called paan, which is composed of a areca nut, nuts. While paan is employed as a stimulant and palette cleanser, Fire Paan is a variant that’s lit on fire by the vendor and shoved in their clients’ open mouths. It’s odd and smoky and isn’t for the faint of heart, but it makes for an enjoyable memory!

And there you have it! Those are the 35 road food dishes you must attempt in Delhi, India. They’re the foods I could not quit thinking about and also made my mouth water, the ones who made me wish to dive even deeper into cuisine. Next time you find yourself be sure to sample these dishes. Thanks for carrying me on these epic 13, to Delhi Food Walks tours! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did so! Let me know what you thought about them below!