VIDEO Brands in Bosnia, Mostar and Herzegovina

In this episode David and two of the top restaurants in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina visit.

Restaurant Sadrvan serves Balkan cuisine accompanied by tasty wines from Herzegovina. It is found in the heart of the Old Town, across the west of Stari Most (the old bridge).

The cuisine of the Ottoman empire significantly influences the menu in Sadrvan. The baklava here is to die for! We also had the chance to try a Lodza, which will be really a cherry flavored Rakia.

We see Tirma-Irma was named by a small cozy restaurant. This area is renowned because of its Cevapcici, the most well-known dish in Herzegovina and Bosnia.

Tima-Irma is named after the proprietor, Irma. Imagine a Bosnian BBQ joint, with wine and staff that is awesome! They have live music on certain nights. Dining in Time-Irma was certainly among the highlights of seeing Mostar.

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