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15 Things to Watch in Petra

Petra is a historical city, carved from the mountains in.  Dubbed the Rose-Red City for the color of the surrounding sand rock rocks, Petra was originally built in the 6th century BC as a capital city for the Nabataean men and women. They created oasis and a complex water management system to fuel this desert ….  Read More

The Very Ideal Holiday Rentals in Spain

There’s so much to love about Spain. Decent weather, a culture , amazing food and Dramatic geography all make for a memorable vacation. There are so many regions in Spain to choose from-Catalonia, Galicia, Asturias, Valencia, Seville etc.. In Barcelona, the sea takes center stage. But that is not to say that the town has ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Greatest Shore of Costa Rica: Touring Jaco Beach

David’s Been This is on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where crew and David spend some time traveling the country’s Jaco area. Here David films the stretch of Jaco beach, a great place to both soak in the sun and learn to surf well. With lots of excellent fishing and swimming areas along this ….  Read More

Top 10 Things

As the eighth-largest town in Macedonia and biggest city across Lake Ohrid, Ohrid is among the most-visited places in the country and frequently considered the”Jerusalem of the Balkans,” because of its many churches (365 in total). Take a Boat Ride Photograph St. Jovan of Kaneo Monastery Things involve seeing the most famous of the churches, ….  Read More

VIDEO: The World’s Largest Frog Leg Festival in Fellsmere

Florida is home to the world’s biggest frog leg festival! The festival is held every third weekend in January. Enjoy fried frog legs homemade games, a drink truck along with carnival rides, food and art. Fellsmere is a 3 hour drive north from Miami and a 1 hour SE of Orlando. If you haven’t attempted ….  Read More

VIDEO: Top Things to See and Do in Nis, Serbia

David’s Been This is traveling in search of the very best destinations and attractions that are finest. Within this travel episode, David brings us the very top things. Serbia’s third largest city, Nis is one of the most significant destinations in the country with heaps of attractions sites and monuments . Nis is famous for ….  Read More

Top Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

There’s a lot to do in also the eighth most famous city in the united states and the biggest city of Oregon. Given below are a few of the adventures that you need to have, however before that check out the great hotels in Portland and also enjoy your stay there. Garden – There’s a ….  Read More

Top Five Restaurants in Rhodes, Greece

As the biggest island in the Greek Dodecanese chain, Rhodes has incredible adventures when it comes to Mediterranean food, culture and history, to offer visitors. As part of our search for our upcoming Davidsbeenhere travel guide of the island , we found that the local cuisine on a trip to Greece. Delicious to say the ….  Read More

The Best 5 Gazebo You Have To Visit This Summer

The UK is seeing a massive heatwave, so there’s never been a better time to experience a few of the islands most beautiful regions. Satsuma Loans have generated this useful tool, to help find your closest and shore, s Newquay Famous for the excellent surfing conditions, Watergate Bay at Newquay of it looks as though ….  Read More