Top 5 Sites in Turkey’s Marmara Region

Western Turkey is a rich stew of cultures, colours, and sights. Vacations to Turkey are all about excitement and fun because of the country beaches and beautiful scenery.  The areas surrounding the Marmara Sea, specifically, hold gastronomy, a rich background, and tons of alternatives for the discerning traveller. Tourists make the mistake of skipping over ….  Read More

VIDEO: A Night Out at the Club in Madrid, Spain: Pacha

If youare currently searching for an unforgettable night on the town and’re visiting Madrid, you’re in luck. Spain’s capital city is still home – not the club but arguably one of the most famous clubs in the world. Why? Join David discover for yourself and for an evening out. Between the music, lights, crowd and ….  Read More

VIDEO: Faroese Background and Food Coincide at Aarstova Restaurant

David’s Been Here is touring the tastes and top historic sites of the Faroe Islands’ capital city of Torshavn. David and a visit to Aarstova combine the best of both worlds together. Situated in one of the earliest buildings/houses at Torshavn (dating back to the 1600’s), this unique restaurant specializes in real, rustic Faroese cuisine. ….  Read More

VIDEO: Traveling into Swaziland Using Airlink Airlines

David’s Been This presents the Kingdom of Swaziland of Africa with a special trip. David’s 50th country visited, he heads east from Johannesburg about the airline which brings you to Swaziland: Airlink. Linking with 30 destinations as well, this small airline makes your trip to Swaziland possible in a ride. Go see the Mbuluzi Wildlife ….  Read More

5 Day Trips from Boston

I strongly advise renting a vehicle explore these remarkable day trips from Boston and to leave Boston. Rockport is really the place I got engaged and so it’ll always hold a spot in my heart, however Plymouth, New Bedford, Gloucester, and Salem are all places to experience. Wherever you decide to stay, eat, and perform ….  Read More

VIDEO: Leading Wedges in Cuenca, Ecuador

David’s Been Here is at Ecuador’s city of Cuenca, in search of bars and all of the region’s finest nightlife. Here David introduces a video into the Riho Bar- a chic lounge with some tasty food and drinks that are delicious. Head to the bar for a excellent night out from Cuenca, if you’re looking ….  Read More